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I have been going to Sonya for about 2 years now and she always provides an excellent, thorough massage which melts the kinks out of my tense muscles from sitting at a desk all day.   She is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly, and every effort is taken to ensure my comfort.  A truly amazing experience which I look forward to every month.  Would definitely recommend!



"My experience of massage with Sonya has been warm and wonderful.  Sonya is like the Goldilocks of massage in that she manages to never be too firm, or too easy.  I find her pressure and technique to be just right!  She has an uncanny ability to hone in on areas of tension, but always carefully and oh-so respectfully.  Thinking about this means I'll have to book a massage immediately!"



"Sonya has been one of those special people put on my path to help me transform and heal. She has been instrumental in helping me to release deep seated emotions that I was unconsciously holding within my body. This very personal quest, lead me down many different paths and trying different modalities in the hope of finding answers and the freedom I desired. Once I finally understood that unexpressed or repressed emotion can stay lodged in the body if not truly expressed at the moment it is originally felt, then I knew I had a very important piece of the puzzle. I needed to work with therapies that understood that connection and work on those blocks. Raynor Massage is one such therapy and Sonya has used it to get down through the layers of ‘stuck, stagnant’ energy (emotion) to gradually release and let-go the old trauma’s and hurts. These energetic blocks cause tension and illness in our bodies. Sonya was persistent and increasingly intuitive as to where in my body I was holding this tension. She worked on ancient lines of energy, well mapped in the Eastern cultures but little known in the West.

Massage is a lost art in our very civilized society, as is the genuine, authentic touch of another human being when used for the purposes of healing. We would all benefit from a regular massage session to relax, connect and release the accumulation of life’s chaotic challenges.

I can only yell from the roof tops, the tremendous healing work Sonya has done for me. Her sessions are respectful, professional and energetically uplifting. She has a natural ability to ‘feel’ where the tension is lodged and release it through focused touch. I would highly recommend, for your own mental and emotional health, that you try one of her massage sessions. However, you may find quite quickly, that 1 hour just simply isn’t enough!"



I have had four, two hour massages, approximately 6-8 weeks apart  through Energy n Motion Massage and have found my wellbeing has greatly improved.

For years I have had arthritis in my hands and had the inability to clench my fists and it was getting worse. Now I can clench both my hands especially the right one with the left one being hindered due to the swelling in my finger joints. The strength in my hands has greatly improved as well.

My left foot had a big callous on the ball, due to an operation 10 years ago, making it too unbearable to walk in bare feet.  Now I am loving not having to wear footwear all the time.

My right foot has a badly bent toe due to a 'hammer toe’. I have noticed that this slowly  straightening out and looking and feeling much better  in footwear.

My left hip ached most of the time and I couldn’t sleep on it. The aching has gone and I’m enjoying a much better sleep.


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